If you don't participate in a household recycling program, now's the time to make some changes. Participating in a home recycling program saves the environment, reduces your household waste and brings in some spare cash. If you've never recycled before, you might not know how to get started. Here are some tips that will help you get ready for your first trip to the recycling centre.  

Understand the Recyclables

If you haven't been participating in a recycling program, you might not know what you have around the house that could be recycled. If that's the case, you might miss out on some of the items that can be sent to the recycling centre. Before you start collecting your recyclables, make sure you know what the recycling centre will accept. Some of the items they'll accept include aluminium, plastic and paper products. However, some recycling centres will also take electronic devices and aerosol cans. If you're not sure what items can be recycled, contact your local recycling centre. They can provide you with a list of acceptable materials. 

Have a good Sorting System

If you're ready to get started on a recycling program at home, now's the time to set up a good sorting system. Many people simply toss all of their recyclable materials in one container. However, that's not the best approach. For maximum efficiency, it's actually a good idea to have a sorting system in place. One way to do that is to label separate containers for each type of recyclable materials you're collecting. That way, when you're ready to go to the recycling centre, you can bring the containers with you. 

Avoid Using Plastic Bags

If you've decided to collect some of your recyclable materials in plastic bags, you need to rethink your decision. You might not realise this, but plastic bags aren't recyclable. In fact, most plastic bags will end up in a landfill for many years. That's why you should take your plastic grocery bags back to the store for proper processing. 

Don't Rinse Recyclables

If you're going to recycle aluminium cans and glass jars, you might think that you need to rinse them out before taking them to the recycling centre. Luckily, that's not the case. You can place your containers directly into your collection containers without rinsing them first. Not only will you save time on the collection process, but you'll also conserve water. That's because you won't be using water to rinse your containers.

For more information, visit a local recycling centre.