Today, you can find scrap metal virtually anywhere. Dumpsites, construction/demolition sites, garages, car junkyards, and metal fabrication shops are just a few of the areas you can scour for scrap metal. Notably, scrap metal is readily available because most people do not know its value, what to look for, or how to go about the scrapping process. Although scrapping metal seems straightforward, some etiquette is involved. You just cannot go around picking used metal and show up at a scrap yard hoping to get paid. That is not how it works. This post highlights standard etiquette that you must observe when scrapping metal. 

Ask for Permission

Of course, scrap metal is used, and probably most people do not need it. However, it does not mean that you can walk into a construction or demolition site and start scrapping. A site manager will not be happy with you even if they don't need the scrap metal laying around. That is why it is crucial to ask for permission before walking into a property site looking for scrap metal. Site managers appreciate such gestures, and they will allow you to collect as much scrap metal as you need. They may even help you with the collection process. Therefore, always remember to request permission if you want to scrap metal on private property. 

Dress for the Occasion

It is difficult to ask another scrapper to pull out scrap metal from a heap on your behalf. There is nothing wrong with asking for the occasional helping hand, but if you want other people to help you collect scrap metal because you do not have the right attire, you are in for a rude shock. The rule of thumb in the scrapping business is to expose as little skin as possible. Wear a puncture-resistant long-sleeved top and pants, and throw in a pair of gloves and safety boots for good measure. You will comfortably dive into heaps of waste, looking for the right scrap metals without annoying other people with constant help requests. 

Do Not Get 'Clever'

When selling scrap metal, a scrap yard will decide how much to pay for your load based on weight and metal type. Unfortunately, some people try to be tricky by mixing low-quality scrap with a high-end load to tip the scale in their favour. You might get away with the trick, but an experienced scrapyard owner will catch you in the act. You do not need a bad reputation when starting in the scrap metal collection business.