When some people think of composting, they conjure up a farm with a large hole where all the garbage goes. Although you can compost by simply digging a hole in the ground, this may not be feasible for homeowners with a small garden. As such, these homeowners tend to assume that composting would not benefit them and that there would be no way to go about it. The truth is you can actually compost on a small scale using plastic pallets. Additionally, if you have a small kitchen garden in your backyard, you can reap enormous benefits by composting. Below are that of the various benefits that you can derive from residential composting.

Residential composting increases nutrients in your soil

Compost is a mixture of soil and organic leftovers from your home. As the organic waste decomposes, it turns the soil into humus, which is a nutrient-rich compound. When you apply this hummus onto the top of your soil, it increases the amount of carbon and nitrogen in your garden soil. These nutrients are essential for plant functions such as photosynthesis. They also boost plant growth, which enables you to reap more from your residential garden. Lastly, the humus aids in water retention for your plants thus ensuring they stay rehydrated for longer. Overall, composting will boost the health of your garden plants without you having to resort to extensive maintenance measures.

Residential composting introduces microorganisms into your soil

Another great reason to begin composting is that you get the chance to increase the number of microorganisms in your soil. Microorganisms are vital for soil health for a number of reasons. Firstly, the presence of bacteria and protozoa functions to aerate the soil. This increase in aeration accelerates the composting process, which makes your soil healthier at a faster rate. Another reason why microorganisms are beneficial to your soul is that they aid in the conversion of nitrogen into a form that is usable by your plants. This is turn boosts the rate at which the plants will absorb the nitrogen.

Residential composting enable you to recycle your waste

A little-known benefit of composting is that it is a great way to recycle your waste right at home. One thing some pope do not realise is that organic waste sometimes ends up in landfills. This may seem fine because organic waste decomposes but what people do not consider is that the process will take relatively longer since the organic waste is mixed with other materials that do not decompose. To prevent this, you could simply recycle the waste on your own in your compost bin and have your yard benefit from it.